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Frontpoint Security vs ADT, who’s really better?

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    Morgan Chiu

    All my neighbors are using and recommending that I go with ADT. However, for every Internet search I do FrontPoint Security comes out on top. So who’s really better?

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    Maru Quevedo

    I am an ADT employee, yes, in the sales department. One hour in your home, you will realize that no other company can even compare. I invite employees of other companies to sit in on the conversation. (Yes, I will hire you after our presentation is finished.)

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    From our experience with you, you guys talk big while your reputation goes down the toilet. The fact is, if you do a Google search you’ll find plenty of complaints on ADT and other large alarm company providers that are using increasingly aggressive sales tactics to close deals. The focus appears to be more on profit than security.

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    I had an ADT salesman come to my door after I moved into my new home and did a damn good job of scaring the crap out of me about recent break ins regarding those who just moved into the area and quoted statistics and began telling me about how many houses had been hit in my area, and went on to say that criminals pull up those who have moved into the area by looking at the local paper and then hit those people because they know their homes are not protected yet. Sure, I signed up because I was going to anyway, was not sure yet which company I was going to go with but he scared me enough to do it and then after he left I went to CrimeReports.Com and looked up my neighborhood.

    Guess what, he lied!!!!!!!!!! But I wanted an alarm system anyway and kept it, and then from there on out it has been the worst experience of my life! I actually just got off the phone with ADT, my cellular back up is not working, technician came out to my house and could not find a reason so said it was lightning and I was like, where is the proof?? He had none, but wanted to charge me. Everything I am reading about ADT on this site is truthful, because it is happening to me! I hate them and won’t ever recommend them and am canceling them!

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    Another lightning incident – astounding. We’ve had a GE Security cellular wireless system for years now, with lots of lightning in the area, and never had a shortage from lightning.

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    I recently flew on Southwest Airlines from Nashville to Phoenix and was flipping through their in-flight magazine when I saw alarm.com. Who is this? It was a confusing ad because they seemed to be selling an iphone app rather than a security system. Are they a company I should consider for my house alarm?

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    Alarm.com provides interactive monitoring for your home security system. They used to sell direct to consumers, but now they license their technology to hundreds of home security system providers around the country. Frontpoint uses alarm.com technology, whereas ADT does not.

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