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    I decided to go with Geoarm Security. They have the same Simon XT systems as Front Point, just less branding. They also offer the exact same Alarm.com Monitoring service at a lower price. Actually, if front point doesn’t lock out their systems, any customer can actually switch over to GeoArm/ Alarm.com monitoring and save on their monthly bills. I have also been extremely happy with their tech support & customer service. They do all the programming and are very helpful and thorough.

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    GeoArm may look attractive at first, but they are lacking in the following areas:

    GeoArm charges much more upfront for the equipment. A basic security package; control panel, 2 door sensors, 1 motion sensor, 1 keychain remote with them is $460, compared to $99 with FrontPoint. Quite a few companies focus on comparing only monthly costs, which disguises your overall bill.

    GeoArm does not have a control panel tabletop stand, which means you’ll have to wall mount the unit.

    GeoArm is not a GE Security Authorized Dealer; which could impact their support level and quality.

    GeoArm is not licensed as an alarm company, as required by many states. I couldn’t locate them on several state lists, including CA & VA. Like other alarm warehouses, it appears that they “hide” behind the licensing of their monitoring center; in violation of many state licensing laws. This can affect the ability to get a permit, and even get police response; and can even nullify an alarm monitoring contract. It’s not clear if GeoArm is licensed anywhere outside FL.

    You want a monitoring plan that includes monitoring for intrusion, fire, environmental conditions, and life safety. I don’t see any mention of those with GeoArm.

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    1. You don’t have to buy your equipment from Geoarm so it doesn’t matter how much they charge for equipment. Buy it elsewhere if you want and just get their monitoring.

    2. Geoarm doesn’t have a tabletop stand because that’s about the most lame and unprofessional way to have a security system installed. You don’t want something you rely on for security to get knocked off a table.

    3. Don’t know whether they are a GE Security Authorized Dealer. Who cares? You can have geoarm monitor Honeywell equipment or GE stuff. With Honeywell you get Total Connect service which is better anyway.

    4. Total Connect service through Geoarm gives you Intrusion, Fire, Environment and life safety. In fact you can log in and see video of what’s going on at the protected premises.

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    Geoarm will monitor a system you bought somewhere else so who cares how much they charge for equipment?

    They don’t have a tabletop stand because that’s about the dumbest piece of equipment possible. You don’t want a security system being knocked on the floor.

    With Geoarm you can get Total Connect service cheap and that will allow fire, environment, intrusion, life safety and VIDEO.

    The previous response is obviously from someone pushing GE (Geoarm will monitor both GE and Honeywell BTW).

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    GeoArm also sells DSC Security. That previous post was by an amateur. I have had them for years and they are fully licensed in all states in America for their services, highly rated with the BBB, and UL-listed. You own your equipment with GeoArm, that’s why it’s more money and their are no social security number or credit checks like the others.

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