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    Piers Harvey

    I just signed up for Guardian Protection Services (One of the Armstrong Group of Companies) and have until Friday to cancel. Does anyone have any experience with this company? They are installing a wireless system using my Telco line as the main line and using cellular as a backup (this is done at my request, I wanted both).

    They are installing two motion sensors and sensors on each of the doors but none on the windows (the salesman said I didn’t need them). The sliding glass doors will have sensors. Since the glass window/doors in the house have protective film on them the salesman said not to get the glass break protector. A sensor is going on the garage door and a smoke detector is also being installed. The idea behind not having sensors on the windows are because there will be motion detectors and the windows have the protective film and additional screw locks on them. I think the windows, at least the ones behind the fence not visible to the street, should have sensors. The motion detectors will NOT be active when we are in the house so I think the windows need to have sensors.

    Each additional sensor is $75. There are nine windows total; six are not visible to the street. The cost so far is $482 (that is with discounts…the full price is $884) plus the $45/month service fee (three year contract). If I add the nine windows it will be another $675…bringing the total install fee to $1157. Does this sound like a lot of money? Do you think window sensors are overkill since the windows have film on them with the additional screw locks? According to the article, I should add sensors to the windows not visible to the street (at least). Any advice/comments? Thank you!!

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    Piers Harvey

    Update: I talked with Guardian Protection Services today asking them to add sensors to the windows. They said they will charge me $30 for each window sensor instead of $75 which is good. By the way, Guardian Protection Services is rated A (with 279 reviews) on Angie’s List. There are many great reviews along with a few “F” grades from some folks (mainly due to trying to break the contract).

    I appreciate you reviewing this company. It may be too late for me but I’m sure others will benefit from your research.

    Thank you for a wonderful website.

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    Ogden Sandford

    We have had Guardian for 17 yrs, we do not have sensors on windows in back of our home. They are all accessible from our deck. Five windows and slider. We have a motion detector that covers those areas and believe me no one can get past the motion detectors. They have been set off by us. You will be testing those areas once a month. We are hard wired and are going to cellular. We will not be doing the windows. Their response time is great! Just make sure the sensors cover your entrance doors. You can bypass motion detectors. We bypass our bedroom at night. So if you want some on in an area you will not be in, it can be active. REMEMBER to tell everyone or the alarm will be screaming.

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