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History of the security camera

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    Tyler Beyea

    Does anyone know when and where the first security camera was made? I’ve done some research and recall something about World War II but I can’t seem to find the company that started the security camera or any such details.

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    We just published on article on security camera systems that has a paragraph detailing the origins of the security camera. Let us know if that’s what you were looking for.

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    a seeker of security

    Security cameras have quite an interesting, albeit short, history. The first known use some type of security camera can be traced back to about 1965. During this time the police used cameras in order to keep a watchful eye on certain 'key' or important public buildings and locations. With these first security cameras, there was no recording ability at all; that did not come about for a number of years.

    The first cameras were closed circuit television cameras. Without any type of recording ability, they need to be watched constantly. Private businesses and institutions which actually installed these types of cameras would also typically hire extra employees or even a monitoring company. Then, they would have someone sit in a control room and watch the closed circuit TV cameras. If there was any trouble, they were instructed to call the police or other authorities.

    Obviously, this original system of security cameras was quite primitive by today's standards. However, they did the job quite nicely back in the 60's and into the 70's. The main flaw was that using such setup required extra manpower and was labor intensive, especially for those businesses which needed 24 hour security.

    Beginning in the early and mid-1970's we saw the introduction of the video cassette. This meant that the cameras could now be connected to a VCR and the footage stored. Of course, most did not have a great deal of storage capacity, which led to a number of interesting improvised systems. Maybe you remember all those businesses which had a separate tape for each day of the week. One of these tapes could store a couple of nights worth of footage, which meant that with a 7 cassette system, the business would have about 3 or so weeks of footage available at any one time. This was a big improvement over having to hire additional employees to watch a CCTV screen during the night.

    It was during this time period when security cameras began to go mainstream. Banks, retail stores and even gas stations started installing and using these types of security cameras. Law enforcement also dramatically increased their use of security cameras during this time period. Another big use that started was using footage captured on security cameras in divorce proceedings.

    During the late 1970's and the early 1980's another major advance in microchip technology also dramatically improved security cameras. This led to the development of the Charged Coupled Device camera (CCD). This camera was able to record footage in low light and at night.

    The next major advance in the history of security cameras is the digital multiplexer.

    This did not occur until the 1990's, but it allowed several cameras to be recorded at the same time. Additionally, several other features were also enabled through this advance, including time lapse and motion recording. These have since become pretty standard features on all modern security cameras. During the mid 1990's security cameras were installed by ATM machines.

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    Your security cameras article is solid, and it appears that you guys are updating it quite frequently. I think there's also some valuable information in the comment by "seeker of security" above. Any chance of integrating that into the main article so I can have it all in one place and print out as a PDF?

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    ethan burns

    There are many claims that they were the one initiated the manufacturing and creation of security camera. One of the is Mr, Norby from London in 1933, he was amateur photographer and print design enthusiast. Never heard much and full of his story but you can search him online. You can also find an infographic of security cameras from the early 50’s.

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