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    Maru Quevedo

    I know home automation systems can be linked with your home security system quite easily, but are there other ways that a home automation system would make your home more secure.

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    Home automation means you have centralized control over the electrical devices in your home. This means that from one location (or a single panel in every room), you can take control of devices like your home stereo, home theater and entertainment system, lighting, shades, heating/cooling and temperature zone control, centralized vacuum system, home security alarm, and more.

    Crime Prevention While You Are Away

    Home automation can include or be tied into your home security alarm, with obvious advantages. But there are other advantages, as well: You can set your lighting and shades on a timer so that they will turn on for a period at dusk to mimic your being in the home. Same with your home entertainment system or stereo, which will provide sound and action to mimic house activity. Other tasks, such as watering the plants on timer, can also be accomplished. (Seeing wilted plants might otherwise be a giveaway to burglars that you are not there to take care of them.) The latest technology in home automation makes it so that you can program the system remotely or even do all of these tasks manually, through your computer, tablet, or smart phone. You can make sure your home is taken care of even if you are on a trip, thousands of miles from home!

    Other Home Care to Make Life Easier While You Are Gone

    Watering your plants can be taken care of through home automation, and so can feeding pets. You can also make sure that your home temperature stays just cool (or warm) enough that your pets can be comfortable and your home temperature will not be stifling when you get home. Home automation systems can even be programmed to send you a text or email alert should the temperature in the home drop below or rise above a certain level, so that you can immediately take action to prevent fires or pipes freezing. The automation system can also be set so that you receive emails with security footage if your motion detector is activated, and allow you to monitor your home remotely through an internet connection. Not to mention, did you ever get that feeling that you forgot to turn the stove off or maybe left the coffee pot running? Home automation systems will automatically shut down all electrical appliances for you when you leave.

    Day to Day Advantages

    See who comes and goes from your home through system monitoring from your home so that you know when your child gets home from school. Program mood lighting settings for evening meal times, game time, watching television, or reading, and brightness adjusts. Have your coffee pot turn on every morning and your shower temperature adjust automatically. These are just some of the advantages home automation has!

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