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Home Automation? How is this Different from Home Security?

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    Jack Charlie

    I have been reading about home automation, but I’m not too clear on how this differs from having a home security system.  Is home automation the same as having a home security system?  Are the words or terms interchangeable?  Do I need to get home automation?  Right now, I have a basic security system.  I live in a 2 bedroom apartment on the second floor.  I live in a pretty safe area, but I feel like security is something that I want still.

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    Home automation refers to an extensive plan of controlling your home.  You can control things from one single "automated,' hub.  Most homes that have home automation systems are larger.  Residents in homes like these want to control music that plays throughout their home, TV and video, the security system, the lighting, the AC and the heat, any cameras, the spa, hot tub and pool etc.  Your home automation system will link all of these various systems together and you can manage them from one console.  Most home automation systems are custom designs, unless the homes are pre-built types of properties with automation systems that come standard.  Most owners have their own home automation systems installed though.

    When you move into a new house, home automation might be more up your alley, though there is one level of home automation that you might find useful right now.  If your current security system can already be controlled by your smartphone, then that is a form of home automation.  If you plan to live in your two-bedroom for a long time, like if it's more of a condo, then you can invest in automation.  However, if you plan to only stay there for just a year or two, I wouldn't worry too much about it.  I really would not. 

    When you do get your own automation system, you will find that it will make your own life much easier. When I think of home automation, I like to think of those lover boy houses from the 70s, like in "Austin Powers." 

    That can give you a great concept and idea of the potential of what home automation can actually do for you.  Though most people think that these systems can be cheesy, many of them are really very cool.  Also, home automation can increase your home security and synthesize it in many ways.  Like, with your automation system, you can schedule "events," so if your smoke alarm is triggered, you can set your music to come on in another room and lighting to flash throughout your home so that if you're asleep or just doing something else that takes your attention, you will be alerted.

    So, as you can see, home automation is pretty cool, but it can be a costly investment, so you only want to get it in the home or condo you plan to live in for many years.

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