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    Maru Quevedo

    I don’t trust all of these postings. This website is probably silently owned by an alarm company or accepts fees from companies. The best way to secure your home is buy Medeco locks, use thick 3 inch screws, and strong metal strike plate. This presents the doors from being kicked in, drilled or picked. Get a dog for the backyard, and post NRA decals on each window (support the National Rifle Association) so the intruder thinks you are armed and knows how to use a gun. Get a fake noisemaker posted outside. Total cost a few hundred dollars. With no BS long term contract and monthly fees. Saves you lots of $$$

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    We are not owned by an alarm company, and as you can see, we publish all comments following an anti-spam, anti-abuse (derogatory language), and grammar/ spelling check. People are free to voice their opinions, whatever those may be.

    We are able to employ our researchers and writers via several revenue streams, which include both online advertising and affiliate marketing. This means we may receive commissions for products or services that appear in our articles. Any website article that allows advertisements on it effectively follows this rule. How? Let’s say an article is published about the “best home alarm system,” as ours is. If a security company advertises on that page, and a reader subsequently clicks on the ad or purchases the system, the publisher of that article will be compensated. This is a standard business practice, and the revenues help publishers stay in business and provide readers with the most informed reviews. The key is disclosing the fact that you are compensated, which we do.

    “Refer a friend” programs work in similar fashion. Just because a friend tells you about an alarm system (and receives a “commission” when you sign up), doesn’t mean you have to listen to their opinion. If a publisher were to post biased reviews (of inferior products), block competing comments, etc. – they wouldn’t stay in business long. This is precisely why we encourage readers to go out and do their own due diligence (as we state in the article above), as we would ourselves when purchasing a product.

    Where we differ from other publishers is by way of our own policy which requires that we conduct research and publish final reviews prior to engaging in any advertising or affiliate relationships. Read our review process for details. This ensures the integrity of not only the review itself, but of the research process and its findings. Once our research is complete, an advertiser or merchant may approach us and establish a relationship with us, but not beforehand.

    Our readers are free to choose whichever security system provider they want. Bottom line is without the ads and affiliate relationships, we wouldn’t have the necessary funds to pay our researchers and bring you our reviews. Our open comment policy lets people, including competitors, post whatever they want on this page. If that wasn’t the case, your comment (and this discussion) wouldn’t be taking place.

    We think your door security suggestion is a good one, since many burglaries happen via a kicked in front or back door. We don’t have any research data on the NRA decals deterring intruders, but if that works for you, great.

    No review or opinion can be 100% trusted or certified, for the simple fact that it’s just that – an opinion. Your best bet is to gather as much information as possible from as many sources as possible, including offline, word of mouth, etc. – and then make an informed decision that best suits your particular needs. In your case, the door/ dog/ NRA solution fits your needs. That doesn’t mean it will work for everyone, however (especially proponents of gun control, we would venture to guess).

    As far as our own opinion goes, we would caution putting your dog in the line of fire, as we’ve heard reports of dogs getting shot and killed by thieves. For this reason, we typically recommend an alarm system as a protection measure for your whole family, including your dogs.

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    Maru Quevedo

    I don’t believe asecurelife.com is affiliated to any one alarm business, but that it’s just a normal part of business these days to get a little kickback from URL clicks that drive people to those businesses. Perhaps that is what the person was referring to.

    The point about the NRA stickers is somewhat valid in that it makes would-be robbers think twice. The serious problem with the notion is that if they still decide to come in, they’re going to be very aggressive.

    I suppose that some thieves have shot dogs before, but I doubt it’s very often. And even while it’s true, just thinking of it is so bad that some readers might just close the webpage. Instead, I would suggest explaining that dogs are not a free alternative. Dogs consume food and demand time. And while it may not cost as much to feed a dog as it does to have your alarm monitor station at the ready 24/7/365, once the alarm is up the only time you have to spend on it is to say hello and goodbye when you come and go, but you’ll never ever ever have to take it for a walk.

    I like what I’ve read here on the website. It seems fair and balanced despite any biases that may be there. Could it be better? Certainly! I would love to see those local providers who hands-down beat the big-box guys (wherever they may be, but they’re out there) to be recognized and congratulated with the understanding that they are localized to a specific area and have no intentions to expand and in fact are better in the business precisely because they don’t expand. Show me those places and I’d give your website 5 stars. But 4 is pretty good for now. 🙂

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    Thanks so much for taking the time to share your feedback! We’re glad you like the site 🙂

    We’re constantly doing our best to improve the quality of our content and to help readers make more informed decisions when it comes to securing their lives.

    We would love to review and cover more local security providers. The problem we have is that they’re so hard to find. To the local security providers out there: if you’re reading this, please contact us (or respond below) and we’ll set aside some time to learn about, review, and cover your services and offerings here on A Secure Life.

    Stay safe everyone!

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