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Should I pick a local or nation wide home security company?

Home Forums Home Security Security Systems Should I pick a local or nation wide home security company?

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    Karen Aldridge

    I live in Austin, Texas and am considering a home security system. I know that many home security systems only serve certain areas. But I was wondering if you suggest local companies over nation wide companies? Should I look into an Austin based home security company or go with a big name company?

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    Kimberly Alt

    We don’t necessarily suggest local companies over nation wide companies or vice versa. It’s honestly based on the companies we are choosing between. I suggest you call around and talk to some local companies in Austin and see what they have to offer. Maybe even try talking to a current customer of theirs and see if they are pleased with their service. Sometimes a local company can do as much or even more than a nation wide company while other times they aren’t as experienced. It truly depends on the area you live in and the companies you are comparing.

    I also suggest you take a look at a couple of our articles. They should help you start your research process.

    Overall, I wouldn’t base your decision purely on whether the company is local or nation wide.

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