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    Erick Carlson

    I read somewhere that you guys have the best home security systems reviews on the net, but I can’t seem to find the article everyone is referring to! Could you please point me in the right direction?

    And does the article include self-installation tips as well? I’m somewhat handy, and would like to setup a customized system that I’ll be able to monitor while away from home.

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    We’re reviewed quite a few security companies and their various alarm systems over the years, but I’m guessing your probably referring to our home security systems reviews article that rates the top 3 home security systems and won our best of security award.

    In the event that that article doesn’t have what you’re looking for, try the “Search” box in the menu above to help you hone in on the right article – simply type in keywords that describe what you’re seeking.

    And as always, you’re welcome to comment here in the forum or on an individual article on the main site – we read and respond to comments on a regular basis.

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    a seeker of security

    Keep in mind that a good security system has as much to do with the monitoring station (ie. response times) as it does with the security setup. You'll also want to see if your security provider conducts polling (ie. regular testing) of your security monitoring setup.

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    If you are convinced that getting a home security system is the right thing to do in order to protect yourself and your family, you should still make sure to conduct your own investigation and research. There are a number of factors to evaluate before making your decision.

    Look at the history of the company. You want a business that has been around for a number of years, not a shop that started yesterday. Also, check into their reputation. You may even want to go around the neighborhood and see what stickers and signs are prominent.

    Find a company that offers a warranty. A full year warranty is a great sign, especially if this is offered on all products, services and installation. It is even better if they offer free relocation. No one can know ahead of time if they might need to move, so this is a great additional service.

    Monitoring is probably the most important component of an existing system. Having a call center on duty 24-7 can be a great help and excellent for your peace of mind. Many families who live in remote areas find this part of the service absolutely essential since they understand that neighbors might not even hear their alarm go off.

    Also consider an extra services which you might need. This can include fire and carbon monoxide monitoring. In emergencies, the system will immediately contact authorities.

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    A good home security system has a few main components. Even if you have a large house, all of these elements should be present. Of course, there may be more of certain things, but the basics should all be present.

    The most important component is the base station. This is the nerve center of your security system. This should come ready to use. The only thing you will need to do is actually plug it in and turn it on. You may need to install this on a wall, which should also be fairly easy. On rare occasions you may also need to call the security company and have them do a quick initialization.

    The next component is the control pad. This goes somewhere close to your front door. It is where you will enter your code upon entering and leaving the home to either arm or disarm the system.

    There will be a few sensors that connect on the doors and windows. The purpose of these is to detect unauthorized entry into the home. They could take on a number of different forms, but should also be fairly simple and easy to install.

    The last major component is the inside motion detector sensors. These can go almost anywhere you like and will vary in number depending on the size of your home. Just make sure that the placement provides for full coverage of important areas.

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    I checked out the link above and have to say, the review is quite in-depth and looks to be very frequently updated. My concern is that most of these providers are national home security providers. So the question of finding the “best home security system” becomes a geographically dependent issue. For example, in my area, Bluelight security (an ADT dealer) is of quite a high caliber (just check their Yelp ratings). Whereas most of the ADT feedback on this site is exceedingly negative (which goes along with what I hear of the average ADT reseller).

    I also know a local, classic, hardwire based alarm system installer that is an absolute expert in his field. You have to pay a little more up front to have him come in, consult and install a security system, but he will do a very customized job that is tailored specifically to the layout of your home. I don’t think you get that level of detail with these national or DIY installers.

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    In my opinion, do-it-yourself security systems are the way to go. Why? You are the only one that intimately knows the layout of your home. With some basic education on what burglars are looking for (a lot of which, it seems, you can find here on this site), you cannot only install, but also move and adjust your security system as you make changes to your home.

    This is an invaluable flexibility that any installer will not be able to offer you, and if they do update your system regularly, the costs will continue to accumulate. More importantly, there is a benefit to you understanding and being able to actually use your security system. Your system, no matter how well it was initially installed, won't do you much good if you simply "set it and forget it."

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    This is an apples and oranges discussion. At the end of the day, it comes down to whoever has the most experience. For the self installer, if you know the layout of your home very well, or are adept at this kind of thing, you will probably do better than the average ADT authorized dealer (those guys are more salesman than security expert). However, if you hire a local security installer who's been doing this for a couple decades and has installed hundreds of systems, it will be tough finding anyone more experienced or proficient at installing a security system for you.

    Bottom line: do your research, take your time, and go with the option you feel most comfortable with. In other words, as with any important purchase, trust your gut.

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