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Anyone have Home Security Tips for Women

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    Morgan Chiu

    I live alone and am worried about security for myself at night. Even though I have a home alarm system, I live on the first floor of my apartment and am worried about someone breaking in to my house while I am there. Does anyone have advice or things they can do to help keep their mind at ease when living solo, especially as female. Thanks!

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    Sadie Cornelius

    Morgan, totally know how you feel since I am a female myself and have lived alone. If I hear strange noises at night sometimes I can’t go back to sleep so I will go sleep in a room that doesn’t have windows. I would also recommend getting a motion-detected light for outside that goes off when it senses activity. If you do hear noise or someone try turning on the lights or a TV so it looks like someone is home and awake. And finally, if you can sleep with your phone within distance of you in case you need to make an emergency call it’s easily accessible. Good luck and stay safe!

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    Rose Jacobson

    Yes Sadie you are right. No need to feel lonely at home and don’t get panic when you hear some noises. Put CCTV cameras outside your doors, so who ever tries to come inside the home will be caught by the cameras.

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