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How Burglar Alarms Work

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    Burglar alarms have become standard equipment in stores and other businesses, and they’re becoming increasingly common in private homes as well. If you’ve ever shopped for a home security system, then you know there are a wide variety of options available. These systems range from do-it-yourself kits you can pick up for $10 to sophisticated whole-house security networks that must be installed by professionals. But, as it turns out, most alarm systems are actually built around the same basic design concepts. But does anyone know really know how burglar alarms work??

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    a seeker of security

    Common Components of Burglar Alarm Systems

    As the author makes clear, there are a number of things which might be included in a burglar alarm today. However, there are some components considered pretty essential. In fact, without these you would probably not even have a burglar alarm or detection system.

    The first component nearly every system will have is some type of device which can detect the act of intrusion. Whether this ids opening a door or a window, most of these devices are circuit alarms. What this means is that whatever act is defined as intrusion (again, opening the door, opening a window), this device detects it by completing a circuit and allowing electricity to flow.

    The next component of a burglar alarm system is the control box. This is actually the primary component. It has its own power supply and controls and monitors all of the various devices and their circuits. If any change in any device is detected, you will usually have a limited amount of time in which to enter a security code. If this does not occur, then the main monitoring company is notified and authorities will be contacted.

    Inside the house there will usually be a number of motion detectors or sensors. One of the more basic motion detecting systems incorporates the use of radar. The detector (or sensor) actually emits radio energy that is reflected back. If the pattern is disturbed, then an alarm signal is sent to the control box.

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    a seeker of security

    When a security alarm is triggered or an intruder is detected, there are several things which might happen next. Of course, all of this really depends on your specific system (and advanced alarm systems might do several of these things).

    The first thing that might happen is that a siren or other loud noise sounds. The hope in this case is that it scares the burglar into leaving the house or it alerts either the occupants or one (or more) of the neighbors who either call the police or assist in notifying the proper authorities. Along these same lines, a burglar alarm system might also include flashing outdoor lights. Personally, I have never seen a system like this, but think that would an incredible idea. It would certainly call attention to itself, which is the main point of everything.

    Your system may also have an auto dialer. I would even go so far as to suggest that having this is one of the essential components to an alarm system. With an auto dialer one of two things is going to happen. Either the monitoring company will be called or the police will notified directly. In some cases, the monitoring company may attempt to verify the situation before notifying the police (this is done in an effort to cut down on false alarms).  If the police are contacted directly, a recorded message will usually be played with your address.

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