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How Do I Find the Best Home Security System for My Home?

Home Forums Home Security Security Systems How Do I Find the Best Home Security System for My Home?

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    T Fuss

    My brother’s house recently got broken into and now I am thinking that I need a home security system. My house has two doors and 4 windows that would be easily accessible from the yard or the deck. How do I know what stuff I need and how do I know which is the best home security system? I also keep reading about wireless security which seem to be the new thing… can someone help explain this all to me? I want to make the right decision. Help!

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    When researching a new security system, there are several things you want to learn about. The first thing you want to familiarize yourself with are how security sensors work. I’ll give you an example of some of the more common sensors that come with a security system:

    • Door/window sensors: these detect separation of two areas ( in this case, the door from a doorframe or, the window from a window frame). Problem is, if there’s a glass present the burglars break into the home without tripping the door/window sensor. For this reason, there are glass break sensors.
    • Glass break sensors: these detect the pitch/frequency of glass breaking, and are a useful addition to windows sensors, given the presence of glass ( and obviously are therefore also useful for glass doors).
    • Motion detectors: these detect motion, and can actually replace door/window and glass break sentences for large areas, thereby saving you the cost of multiple sensors in areas with a large number of windows. They will detect the motion of the thief the second he/she breaks through the door or window into the field of range of the motion detector.

    Having a better idea of your exact layout would enable me to make more specific recommendations. Also, if any of your entrances are garage doors, be sure to get sensors that are specific to garage doors (ie. garage door sensors). Probably the most important room to protect with a motion detector is the master bedroom because it is the room that burglars target first due to the perception of the most valuable items being stored here.

    The main advantages of wireless in today’s budget-conscious and constantly on-the-go world is that (1) you can save some money upfront by installing it yourself an (2) if you move to a new home, you can easily transfer and adjust it with new sensors and other equipment. So wireless vs. wired may depend a great deal on your level of comfort with installing a security system and whether you see a move in your future. The top priority in our book is 100% dedicated cellular communication when choosing the best home alarm company because this ensures that no phone or Internet lines can be cut by intruders.

    FrontPoint Security and Protect America are two of the top performers in the wireless and cellular home security market based on countless independent reviews. Pricing in the neighborhood of $40 per month is to be expected for the trusted cellular monitoring these companies offer. Be sure to ask for promotions for free months of monitoring or even free equipment. You never know if you don’t ask!
    If you want to learn more about the ins and outs of this complex home security world, visit our website to learn the terminology, see our review of the top security companies and find the pros and cons as well as pricing for each.  Stay safe.

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    Great advice, I especially appreciate the definitions of the sensors. I've had a heck of a time trying to figure out what kind of sensors would be useful in my home security setup. Any chance you guys could create a centralized page with in-depth definitions of all types of security sensors and equipment?

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    Hi Martin,

    Thanks so much for the feedback, we’re pleased you’re enjoying our site. We do in fact have a security terminology section and pages in the works. Please subscribe to our feed (and sign up for our newsletter at right) to be notified when the new section is up.

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