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How quickly can I get a security system put in?

Home Forums Home Security Security Systems How quickly can I get a security system put in?

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    John Willam

    My neighbor’s house just got broken into and with the series of break-ins that have been happening on my street, I’m afraid that my house might be next. So I’d like to get an alarm system installed ASAP. How long does this take, and what’s the quickest way for me to get one installed and setup?

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    Typically it takes a few days to complete the process from purchasing (and signing a contract) to having an alarm system installed, connected to the monitoring station, and up and running. There's basically three ways to go about this:

    1. Install and monitor your own equipment and system (not recommended, as you've got to sleep at some point)
    2. Purchase a DIY (self-install) system
    3. Contact a local authorized alarm company to schedule a professional installation

    The quickest of these three is probably 1), but again, we advise against monitoring your own system as you would have to be watching your monitoring device (smart phone) 24/7. Option 2) typically can get to you within a couple days (they ship the systems quickly), and you should be able to get up and running as soon as the system arrives (you install, contact their tech support, and they activate your system). Option 3) will depend on their availability and when you are able to schedule a professional install. You will also need to obtain and register an alarm permit with your city (this authorizes law enforcement to act on an alarm).

    I encourage you to read our article on the best home alarm system to further explore your options and actually decide on a system. Meanwhile, what you could do in the short term is get an alarm sign and stick it in your front yard to deter burglars until your security system is ready.

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