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How to backup Basecamp?

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    My company and I have several gigabytes worth of projects, files, notes, and tasks in Basecamp that we would like to back up to another source outside of Basecamp. Are there any software provider that offers such a service or is there way for us to manually backup the Basecamp content, short of simply downloading the webpage of each task?

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    The owner of your Basecamp account can browse to their account page where there is a backup option under “export your data”. You can archive your entire Basecamp account (all projects) here, or select individual projects to backup.

    This is the approach we use (because it’s free and does what we need it to). We simply set a reminder in our calendar to run the backup once a month. Note that you will not be able to restore Basecamp projects using this method, it is merely for backup/off-line browsing.

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