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How can I deter robbers?

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    Jonas B

    What are some tips on how to deter a robber? Are there certain things I should do to make my home appear a certain way?

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    Kimberly Alt

    Here are some tips on how to deter robbers.

    • Don’t tell your business to everyone. If you’re going on vacation you don’t want to come home to a robbed house so be private about your plans.
    • Deadbolt locks make a burglars job very difficult. Invest in them.
    • Consider having a dog. Burglars don’t want a dog to start barking at them when they break in and give them away.
    • Keep all your valuables and important documents in a home safe.
    • Invest in a security system.
    • Have your property well lit including by the garage and all entrance points.
    • Timing devices for lights so when you’re away the lights are going on and off randomly. It appears like someone is home.
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