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Best ways to hide a dropcam

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    Morgan Chiu

    How do you suggest hiding a Dropcam? I’m looking for some ways to conceal it.

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    Kimberly Alt

    The nice thing about the Dropcam is that you can hide them easier than other cameras like Piper and Canary. They are smaller so you can hide them in a plant so the leaves cover them, you can place it behind a vase so it peaks out behind it, the possibilities are truly endless. The important thing is to keep the area covered well. Don’t place it in a spot that is bare. Putting it around other electronics like your TV is a good idea as well because there are already tons of other devices in that area so what’s one more?

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    It is too bad that a Dropcam requires a power cord (I totally understand why). If they were wireless you could get really creative! I have mine place in the window sill. I can pull the blinds down and it is basically completely concealed unless someone is really working for it. It works out great because I have a clear view of my living room including the rear entrance door.

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    Jonathan Goodman

    I hope this is not perceived as spamming since I think it is very relevant to the conversation. A few months ago we started a company that makes accessories to hide your Dropcam. Lots more and exciting products coming. Would be very grateful to get your feedback on our current products and what products you think would make sense: DropCessories.

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