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How to Secure a Dorm Room Cheap and Without Breaking Campus Policies

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    Jack Charlie

    Hey guys and gals, my friend is a college student and wants to know how to protect herself while on campus. This is her first real time being away from home and she is just feeling a little bit freaked out about it and wants to make sure she stays safe.

    The problem is that it seems like the stupid RA’s in this college do not really allow anyone to do anything to their dorm rooms. She has been wishing lately that she had opted for the off campus housing now!  But, anyway, she is stuck with the dorm and the hyper sensitive RAs and all their rules.

    I just want to know some simple and basic ways that she can help to secure her dorm room without running afoul of all their rules. I mean she is not allowed to have even a hot plate in there!

    She cannot do anything in terms of modifying the rooms, or drilling holes or really anything that is more than just basic cosmetic changes. Heck, she cannot even move the bed without asking permission and having the floor RA sign off on the change! So, anyone out there have any kind of ideas about what she can do?

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    Wow….it does sound like your friend is freaking out a little bit!  Then again, she can never be too safe these days, I suppose.  I think doing something to help protect the dorm room could at least make your friend feel better and give your friend more peace of mind.  Obviously, your friend wants to focus on doing very simple things so that there are no real changes to the physical structure of the room. 

    Consider a door stop alarm.  This is kind of like a wedge that is placed under the door at night, or whenever your friend is in the room.  However, it is connected to an electronic device that sounds a screeching alarm or siren when the door is opened, or when entry is attempted.  Obviously this is only used when your friend is already in the room, so it does have limited effectiveness.

    Another thing your friend could try is a door opener sensor.  Many of these things can be installed with a peel and stick option.  This way there are no changes made to the room.  The connectors are placed on the door and the door jam.  Once turned on, a siren will sound whenever the door is opened and connection is broken.  This will work whether your friend are there or not.  Unfortunately, all that is required to disable the device is to flip the switch off. 

    Your friend could consider a full wireless security system.  I am not sure if this is the right option for a dorm room, but as long as your friend does not connect the control panel to the wall (maybe leave it on a desk or behind the bed), your friend will only have some peel and stick sensors.  Check with the RA before doing this to avoid trouble.

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