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How to Send an Anonymous email

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    Vern Brooks

    I need to send someone an email but I don’t want them to know it’s me and don’t want them to be able to track it back to me via IP Address. Is there a way to send an email anonymously via a third party service/app? If so, how safe/secure is it? Don’t want the email to get caught in the person’s spam mailbox. Thanks

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    Vern, there are a few ways you can send an anonymous email.

    1. The most obvious being that you can create a fake email account with a made up name. If you use gmail or yahoo though you’ll probably need to have a backup email address though for recovery.

    2. You could use a third-party website like 10 Minute Mail or Anonymouse that allow you to send an email with out creating an account. They vary on how secure they are though so read the fine print.

    3. Last but not least, you might try a remailer service you send your message to a person who then forwards them on anonymously. Cypherpunk, Mixmaster and Mixmiminon are a few sites you could try – they’re all anonymous and encrypt your message too for extra security.

    Oh, and if those don’t work – you could always send them a telegram! 🙂

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