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I Need to Protect the Personal Information on My Computer

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    Maru Quevedo

    A friend of mine recently had their computer attacked. I guess I could say hacked, but the thief actually got off with a lot of their personal information. Now they have to do an awful lot to clean up the mess, including cancelling credit cards and freezing accounts. It is quite a big mess really. I have been thinking and wonder how this could have happened? I am really considering getting some computer security programs to help protect my systems, but I have no real clue which ones are good which are not. Anyone out there who can give a computer security newbie some good advice about this subject?

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    Everyone has so much personal and confidential information stored on their computer that protecting it really should be a top priority. Unfortunately, most people find this out too late. Studies show that it usually takes a disaster like what happened to your friend in order to really motivate someone to take the steps they need to properly protect themselves and their computer. Many people feel that the programs which their operating system installs should be plenty of protection. The problem is that this can often be a deadly miscalculation. Take your friend, as an example. I am quite sure they still had the anti virus software which came with their computer.

    At the bare minimum, I would suggest to everyone that they at least keep these programs updated. Many times when we log in we do not want to be bothered checking for updates and then downloading and installing them, so we click remind again later and then nothing changes, except our computers become more susceptible to attacks.

    One of the better computer security programs that I would recommend is Avast Anti Virus. This is a good little program and it is incredibly easy to use. Everything can be downloaded right from the internet and then installing it is simply a matter of following instructions. It should be loaded right onto your task bar and then it runs automatically in the background. It does not slow down your computer and you will not even notice it is there.

    I also like Spyware Doctor. This is a great program for identifying and removing spyware, which is probably one of the major factors which contributed to the problems of your friend. It is also quite easy to use and very powerful.

    AVG Anti Virus program is very helpful in fighting against malware programs (which also played a big role in the demise of your friend). The interface is simple, easy to understand and use. The installation will take a bit longer, but the initial scan is incredibly thorough and later scans are quite fast. You will have the ability to schedule when you want the program to run. There is even a tool which will help block websites with questionable content (or at least give you a warning).

    Use any of these you like, or maybe even in combination.

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