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Is Home Monitoring the Same as Home Security?

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    Maru Quevedo

    I have been researching home monitoring and business monitoring as well.   There are alarms already installed on my home and I have two video cameras set up that record all of the activity around my doorway.  These things do not make me feel as safe as I thought they would.  Whenever I search for home monitoring online, I keep getting results from companies that are selling security packages.  I don’t want the whole package, I just want the monitoring.  I want to be able to press a button if need be and have help summoned.  When my alarms go off, I want someone to know.

    I know that the way I’m going about things is pretty much completely backwards, I just thought the cameras and alarms would be enough for me.  I was doing some repairs and renovations at the same time and decided to set up my own alarm system.  It was quick and easy, very simple actually.  Everything was designed for DIY set ups, kinda like IKEA furniture, you know.

    Is what I’m looking for something that really exists, or do I have to just try to sell what I’ve got and then go ahead and get a regular system?  Also, am I searching under the right terms or does what I’m looking for have a different name?

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    I'm not sure why more home monitoring companies don't show up when you do a search for it, but security companies have done a much better job and targeting the keyword with their marketing.  Though  you can, and many companies do, use the term, home monitoring interchangeably with home security, there are companies that provide home monitoring services.  In fact, many of these companies offer "monitoring," services all around.  They offer services for both home and business.  Many times businesses will just contract a monitoring company because for their security needs, an all in one, cookie cutter package just won't work.  They also have to follow safety codes and regulations depending on the needs of the business.  For example, a high end restaurant will have entirely different security needs than a $10 retail clothing store. Try doing a search for:

    home monitoring -security

    More companies will show up then.  After you read through those websites a bit, you might come up with even more search terms if need be.

    There are other types of home monitoring companies as well.  These companies exist specifically to provide home monitoring to senior citizens and other individuals who are living alone or by themselves with kids and just want to use the product. 

    Sometimes these solutions just consist of a necklace or bracelet with a button you can press and some come with a base unit that you mount on the wall along with a necklace or bracelet.  These systems can be cheaper than a larger system.  In fact, one of these systems might be good for you.

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