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Is New York City a Crime Terror Zone Like in the Movies

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    Maru Quevedo

    I am planning on taking a trip to visit New York City in the next month. However, now all of my friends are telling me to be worried due to the high level of crime, especially street crime. I know that things used to be pretty bad, but I had heard that Guiliani and the current mayor have made a lot of progress in cleaning up street crime and making the city more and more safe. So, my question for anyone on this board who either lives in NYC or knows, is if street crime is as bad as my friends are saying and should I really be worried about this or not?

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    I am a native New Yorker and spend a lot of time in the city. You are correct in some of your facts here. Back in the 1980’s things changed quite a bit in the city and they got really, really bad as far as crime was concerned. Especially petty street crime. People were really afraid to go out in certain areas of the city at all. When Ruby became mayor one of his promises was to rid the city of crime. He also wanted to clean the city, literally. Both of these promises were kept. For those years, we had clean streets and the crime rate went down significantly.

    Now, the next mayor (Bloomberg) has not been quite as good on crime in the city. The stats show that at least half of all the various types of crime have increased since he took office. This does not mean things are bad. Please do not misunderstand. I just want to give you a very clear and accurate picture. I am personally a little dissatisfied at how things have been going. Rudy was a great mayor who took his job and the promises he made quite seriously. Bloomberg does not seem to have this level of dedication.

    Despite all of this, I still think the city is a pretty safe place. I do not think that you should cancel your trip or do anything drastic like this. All I would advise is just a bit of caution and careful preparation. You should probably educate yourself about which areas would not be advisable to frequent after dark. For example, Central Park is a great area, but I would not advise a newcomer to spend much time there after dark.

    The same things could probably be said for almost any major city anywhere in the world. You need be aware and know your surroundings at least well enough to know when you may be in a situation where an issue is likely to arise. It should go without saying that it is never a good idea to walk around obviously inebriated or otherwise impaired. You would just be asking for trouble. Do not wear flashy or expensive jewelry, watches or chains. Anything that someone could quickly grab and run away with should be considered a target.

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