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Just Moved Into a House, Need Security

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    Maru Quevedo

    I was reading the security systems comparison article located here:

    Home Security Systems Comparison

    and I was wondering if anybody could chime in here.  I bought a new house, and I want the best security system possible in my budget.

    I’m glad that your website gives us an extensive comparison between a few selected brands.   It helped me in understanding the key areas I should consider and the most common problems faced by other people.

    I would also be glad if I could find any user reviews and ratings on the important aspects of each company, but as I’m reading your comments, I’m finding some really good info so that might be enough.

    The second issue I face here is that I’m looking to figure out which company offers the best service by location.  I own a place in Princeton-Plainsboro, NJ, and I would like to know which of these companies or if any of my other local companies offer the best service in my locality. I’m running low on cash right now for a security system, after all of the expenses that come with setting up a new house, so which brand is going to give me the best value for my budget?  I know that’s a lot to ask, so if anybody has any answers that’s cool, if not, I understand.

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    a Security Professional

    What is your budget?

    What type of home do you now own?  How many floors?  Is the basement ceiling finsihed (meaning that there is drywall installed)?  Do you have a suspended ceiling in the basement where it will be easy to pass alarm wires?  Are there exposed areas of your home where you can easily pass wiring?  Do you have an attic and if so, can you get into it?  Do you have a crawlspace?

    These are the types of questions that must be answered first before you can determine what TYPE of alarm system to install in your home.

    A home is an investment that is very different than an apartment.  If you were living in an apartment, I'd immediately suggest that you install wireless alarm equipment, then remove it and take it with you when you move and change apartments.

    However, a home has many more options available regarding the installation of alarm products, such as hard-wired, wireless or hybrid (which is an alarm system that uses a combination of both hard-wired and wireless alarm equipment).  A home is also much LARGER than an apartment, and therefore requires MORE ALARM EQUIPMENT to secure all of the additional openings.

    Example: If you want to secure four basement windows with alarm contacts and your basement ceiling is accessible to pass alarm wiring, it may be LESS EXPENSIVE to install hard-wired contacts on those windows than the more expensive wireless contacts.

    The reality and TRUTH is that, generally speaking, one wireless contact is more expensive to purchase than four (4) hard-wired contacts. Therefore, your particular home might be better suited to a hybrid alarm system.  You would install less expensive hard-wired components in areas of the home where it is very easy to pass and hide alarm wires.  You would only install the more expensive wireless equipment in the difficult and finished areas of the residence.

    Without knowing your budget and the details of your home, without knowing what are the strict minimum security requirements necessary to secure your home, so that you have an actual alarm system instead of a "starter kit" that is missing alarm equipment, I cannot possibly advise you on which are the best alarm system options regarding your particular situation.

    Personally, I find it absolutely amazing (and appalling) how some "alarm companies" can claim to know exactly what they think you need as an alarm or security system without ever speaking with you directly or actually visiting your home.

    Write back with more details about your home and your budget, and we'll then try to help you find the right "alarm guy" in your area.

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