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Learning Heimlich, CPR and First Aid Online

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    Jack Charlie

    As a mother, I’d like to learn the Heimlich Maneuver and be certified in CPR.  I don’t have any money for child care right now and work from home, so my child is with me all the time.  I was wondering if there were any legitimate online courses where I could receive a solid education in these areas and other areas of First Aid?  I would also like to be certified as well if possible.  Also, how much do these courses usually cost?

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    Learning the Heimlich maneuver can literally save someone’s life. However, like CPR, performing this procedure on a choking person can leave casualties like bruises or sores. Getting online certification and safety training shows people that they can count on you in a life-threatening situation. Plus, it can add value to you in your professional life, since employers will look favorably on safety training certifications in the workplace. Some jobs, such as teaching children, may even require such certification.

    Why Learn the Heimlich?

    Choking is a major hazard during mealtimes, when food can be swallowed wrong and block the airway. Small objects can also be swallowed accidentally and block airways, which is especially prevalent with children who put things like toys, plastic caps, or coins in their mouths. Besides leading to death by asphyxiation, choking can also lead to oxygen deprivation in the brain. Just four minutes of oxygen deprivation is enough to lead to brain damage. This is why you serve as an important first line of defense against choking when you perform the Heimlich maneuver on someone.

    Where to Go For Online Training and Certification

    Look for training programs online in safety and First Aid that include Heimlich maneuver training. When choosing, look for certifications that can be verified by record from a reputable website that has a complete program. Complete programs are designed with immediate action in mind, and will teach you how to determine what safety measures to take at which times in addition to training you in performing First Aid and maneuvers such as the Heimlich.  A good training course will also teach you tricks to say level-headed during an emergency. At the end of the course, you will be given an exam to test your knowledge, which you will need to pass in order to become certified.

    How Much Does Certification Usually Cost?

    In the interest of public safety, many websites offer training and certifications for free. Because of this, there is no reason to pay for an online certification. If a website is charging for different certifications, including Heimlich maneuver certification, it is probably a scam, especially if the certification they are offering you does not include any training in the area.

    Other Safety Training to Look For

    Common First Aid procedures to get trained and certified for include CPR, wound dressing, cauterizing a cut, stopping nosebleeds, treating burns, treating animal and insect bites, and splinting a fracture.

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