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Legality and Safety of Weapons in Vegas

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    Safety Surfer

    I have heard that a lot of things go in Vegas and a friend of mine even told me that you can bring an out-of-state gun there. I just do not believe this is legal in a U.S. territory. Is this for real?

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    a seeker of security

    Gun laws in Las Vegas are some of the most interesting and unique in the entire country. Many people are a bit confused about exactly what the gun laws are in Las Vegas and whether it is possible for them to bring guns from another state. If they can, then can they be carried openly or is it a concealed carry type of situation?

    To provide some clarity, it should be noted right up front that Nevada is one of the more conservative states in the country. They have always allowed guns within the state in some form or another. Currently, they have what is known as a pre-emption law. This simply means that counties and localities can not pass gun laws which are more restrictive than the state law. Clark County (Las Vegas) also had some older laws on the books which were allowed to be kept over the years as the current firearm laws developed.

    As a general rule, you are allowed to own and use guns in Las Vegas and the state of Nevada. There are some areas which are designated as 'no shooting' or 'congested' areas. Do not even think about attempting to shoot in these areas. You should definitely check and make sure the classification of any area that you happen to be in. Also watch for buildings which are designated no-carry locations. This includes all government buildings and most other public buildings.

    Clark County does require the registration of hand guns (but not any other type of firearm). All other counties in the state do not require any registration at all. Your first hand gun purchase within the county does require a 72 hour wait (the commonly called cooling off period). Incidentally, this waiting period is waived for any additional hand gun purchases. Registration is a simple matter of bringing your gun to any branch of LV Metro Police. Make sure you do so with the gun unloaded and in a safe manner. A registration card will be issued, which must remain with the gun at all times. If you ever wish to sell or give it away, you are required to have the registration transferred over to the new owner.

    The state of Nevada also recognizes the gun permits of several other states. This includes:

    • Alaska
    • Arkansas
    • Kansas
    • Louisiana
    • Missouri
    • Nebraska
    • Tennessee
    • Utah

    Along with citizens of Nevada, those who holder a permit from these states are also able to carry a concealed weapon within Las Vegas. Be aware that gun registration is not the same thing as a concealed carry permit. For this, you must complete an approved course (check with your local County Sheriff) and fill out the required paperwork and successfully complete a background check.

    The bottom line is that it is possible to carry a gun in Las Vegas. Just make sure that you are following all the laws above.

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