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Lifelock vs equifax

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    Gosh, I see and hear a ton of advertising for these companies but which is best? I have been having some credit card fraud issues and I want to plan a little more ahead to try to avoid this happening again. It is a NIGHTMARE to change all your accounts, get new cards, update on all your online payment websites, etc. Stop the madness!!! So which is better: lifelock vs equifax and why do you think so?

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    Good questions and good for you to be proactive about this. We recently completed a new article on credit card monitoring services which covers Equifax as well as its competitors in that arena. However, you are correct that most identity theft protection companies actually offer credit card monitoring too as part of their service. So, we would recommend IdentityForce as the best option for your needs. You may not have ever heard of them but they are the best out there right now. Check them out here.

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