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Local magazines tell you when people are arrested, publish their pic and arrest details?

Home Forums Personal Security Local magazines tell you when people are arrested, publish their pic and arrest details?

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    Jack Charlie

    I am not a lawyer of course, but saw something recently that shocked me quite a bit. I wanted to relate my story here and possibly get some good and honest feedback about it and also see if others feel the same way, or if I am just maybe being a bit too reactionary.

    Ok, I was in a couple of my local gas stations recently and noticed that there are a bunch of these magazines that talk about people who have been arrested, primarily in the local community.

    So, these magazines actually publish the photo of those who have been arrested, along with all of the details of their arrest. I imagine this could be quite embarrassing to the people involved.

    Also, I feel this is a clear invasion of their right to privacy. It offended me a little bit. After all, if something were to ever happen to me, I could be unjustly accused of something and be arrested. Then my name would go in such a magazine and everyone would think that I was a criminal! How is this legal? Am I wrong to feel offended by this?

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    I can understand how someone who was arrested or accused unjustly would feel like their rights are being violated if their picture was published. However, I do not think that this is something to be overly concerned or worried about. Basically, these are magazines that take the police reports and other pieces of information and then report on them. They have been around for some time, although I think that today they are more popular than ever.

    The purpose of these types of magazines is actually probably less sinister than you think. If I am correct, they were started as a way to help keep parents and family members informed about the arrests of sexual offenders or other sexual type predators. They made it easy to follow what was happening and to stay informed. I think that this is probably a less important function now since there are many different services that can also provide this information. There are even some free services nowadays that can do this.

    That being said, no this is not illegal. I am not a lawyer either, but the reason this can be done is because it is all public record. Police and arrest information is available to anyone who goes looking for it. So, whether you think this is offensive or an invasion of their privacy, it is clearly legal.

    I do think it is interesting that you were a bit offended by something like this. Is it because you think people who are arrested still maintain a right to secrecy? The problem with this is that if everything about arrests were kept secret, then there is no checks or balances on the system. If anyone could be arrested in secret, with no information being required to be released, imagine what that could do to our entire system of justice?

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