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Making Bounty Hunting My 9 to 5 or My 9pm to 3am More Likely, heh

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    Loan Fund

    No, Dog the Bounty Hunter did not make it seem glamorous to me, though I know girls thought his son was kind of cute.  I just want to get into it because I feel like I’ll be good at it.  I’ve been a fixture on my local bar scene for quite a few years now, and it’s amazing the information that you can get just hanging out.  I think that I can easily find people that skip bail and make some good cash at it.  People just talk to me, even when they shouldn’t.  How do I get into it if I really decide to?

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    Dog the Bounty Hunter may have popularized it, but bounty hunting is an important business. Bounty hunters are also known as bail enforcement agents, and your job as the bounty hunter is to find criminals who are out on bail but missed their court date. After finding them, you must then bring them to jail, and then you can collect the money from the bail bond that the fugitive would have received back themselves had they gone to court.

    Beef Up Your Qualifications

    A background in private investigation, security, law enforcement, or the military are all solid assets when beginning your career as a bounty hunter. People who are familiar with the law and how it works have a leg up on the competition, but previous experience with this is not required. What will help you is a combination of training and field experience to put on your resume. Certifications, seminars, and even degrees in bounty hunting are helpful for understanding the technical and investigative aspect of the job, while shadowing a professional bounty hunter as he tracks a fugitive will give you great insight into how the job works in the real world.

    Join a Team

    Getting experience on your own is tough, but joining a team can help you land field hours while removing a lot of the pressure and responsibility that you may not be ready to handle. Play different roles in the team on different jobs if you can, and pay attention to working with others and how they perform in their own roles. You may want to pick and choose which jobs you join the team for at first; if an assignment looks relatively straightforward, you will still get the experience of bounty hunting with the team minus the added stress of a hardened criminal resisting arrest.

    Get the Tools

    Get in good physical shape so that you can start apprehending people who resist forcefully. Taking self defense courses is also widely recommended to avoid being harmed. You will likely need tools, as well, such as handcuffs, ties, Tasers, and body armor for making arrests. Buy and carry these based on what your team’s standard is, and ask them for recommendations on where to purchase these items. If you do not have all of the equipment and are not in good physical shape yet, these are legitimate reasons to avoid a specific job for now.

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