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My alarm keeps going off for no reason. Someone please help!

Home Forums Home Security Security Systems My alarm keeps going off for no reason. Someone please help!

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    Jack Charlie

    My alarm keeps going off for no reason.  Someone please help! I am baffled by this. We just bought a new security alarm, and I have no idea why, but it keeps going off.  I had it installed by a handyman and it was working fine when he installed it.

    I bought the DIY system because it was cheaper to get a system like this and pay a handyman, than it was to get the whole professional package.  I am on a tight budget right now and this was all I could afford to do, so I’m a little ashamed to even be asking this question.  I’m sure it has something to do with the DIY, roundabout route I took, but I’m hoping there is a solution that won’t break the bank.

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    It sounds to me like your motion detector could be being activated by something that you're not aware of.  For example, you might have a pet that keeps crossing the sensor, or even your kids might be running past it and you might not realize it.

    I hate to tell you this, and I know that you don't want to hear it, but another reason that this can happen is because the installation was not done correctly.  I'm not trying to rip on your guy, or call him unprofessional or anything.  He might be a great handyman, but the fact of the matter is, he's not trained to install a security system.

    However, that being said, a DIY system should be pretty easy to install, even by someone who is not professional, so I'm thinking might not be the problem, however, it never hurts to have another handyman go over the first install.

    Another thing about DIY installs is that the directions don’t always tell you about the little things that can cause problems.  For example, if you install your motion sensors above a heater or a furnace, then this can cause routine false alarms, so you might want to check that out.  Also, there are many things that you might not think about like curtains blowing in the wind because of an open window or door, or balloons or toy balls being thrown in front of the sensor.  These things can happen so fast that you don't even realize what's going on.

    The first step that I would take would be to call the manufacturer of your DIY kit.  They can tell you about things like having sensors installed above a heater etc.

    That's what they're there for, and they should be willing to troubleshoot for free.  Secondly, you might have to call another handyman.  I know, it sucks, but they might also be able to recommend someone affordable with more experience with security system installs.

    If you want to avoid the hassle though, just have a company technician come out and fix your system.  It might save you stress in the long run.

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    a seeker of security

    There are many things that can be verified and checked.

    As was correctly pointed out in a previous post, the handyman's installation might be at fault because he isn't a trained alarm installer.  However, I'm going to assume that you didn't get a professional-grade alarm system which may have been a bit too complicated for your handyman to understand how to install (since you're trying to save money) and you may have well ended up with an inexpensive but inferior alarm product.

    What's the manufacturer's name and model number of your alarm?

    Do you understand how to tell which ZONE(S) of your alarm system have been causing these false alarms?  If so, what device(s) are on that zone(s)  – i.e. door contact, motion detector, smoke detector?

    Is it always the same zone?  Is there a specific time of day when these false alarms occur?  Are these alarms occurring as you're trying to disarm your system, which may indicate that you require a longer entry delay or which may mean that an improperly programmed motion detector is "seeing you and going into alarm" as you're entering your access code at the keypad?

    Has the alarm system been programmed properly – example: Have you mistakenly programmed a door contact as a 24-hour zone, which would create an alarm each time the door is opened?

    As you can see, I could be guessing what your alarm's problem might be all day long.

    If I were in your shoes, the first place that I would start looking for answers is with the store and/or person who sold you the alarm system.  If you're not satified with the performance of the product, and the seller won't help you, than I'd take it back and ask for a refund.  Then upgrade to a decent alarm system (purchased elsewhere) that won't give you problems.

    The lesson to be learned here is that you aren't "saving any money" by buying a less expensive and inferior product purchased from a store that doesn't provide service or answers when things "go sour".

    Write back and let us know how things turn out.  If you still need help, please provide more information. 

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