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My Neighbors’ Car Alarm is Making Me Miserable!

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    Jack Charlie

    I am starting to get very frustrated and a little bit sleep deprived to boot. This is a problem that I have been having with my next door neighbor for a while now and it just simply does not seem to be getting any better.

    They have a car that is equipped with one of those fancy new car alarms. No problem so far. Except that the thing malfunctions or just does not work. Maybe they set it like this on purpose just to tick me off, I do not know anymore.

    Anyway, this stupid thing goes off during the middle of the night. It wakes me and my whole family up whenever it sounds because it is so darn loud. It is not only loud, but it is annoying and irritating. This is really upsetting. Anyway, I have tried talking to my neighbor about this in a civilized manner.

    They tell me that they have fixed it and it is not a problem anymore. However, the darn thing is still going off at least 4 times a week…and it always happens in the middle of the night!  What options do I have no as far as taking further action?

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    I can understand how this would be frustrating to you. I wonder about the other neighbors? I mean, has anyone else complained about this? If you are hearing it, then maybe the people across the street and on the other side of the neighbor are hearing it as well.

    One option you can take is to get together with the other homeowners in your community and sign a petition about their loud and distracting car alarm that goes off fairly consistently in the middle of the night. Take copies of this petition to the neighbor in question and also present one to the local police department. They may ask you to file a complaint, but not always. Even if they do not, at least will have some paper on record that proves you have a continuing problem and that your neighbor is clearly at fault.

    Another interesting option may be to actually record the car alarm going off. I think that video would be better, since you could actually aim the camera at the car and walk toward it so people can hear the sound getting louder as you come closer (thus proving that it is coming from the car). Do this for a week or two. It would be even better if the video camera has a date and time stamp on it as well, to prove when the alarm was going off.

    After doing this, take the evidence to your neighbor. Challenge them to explain how the thing can be fixed, yet it is still going off 4 times a week, in the middle of the night? If this does not make them more responsive, you have two final options. Take the evidence and go to the police and file a claim. Or, take the evidence and sue.

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    I have this problem right now. I can't sleep for 3 hours because of my stupid neighbor and his car. I have an idea that could help you too. In the middle of the night, take a mine and plant it near your neighbors car, near the door. So when he goes to his car the mine activates and the stupid car explodes and the jerk dies to so you sleep well. You're welcome.

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