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Need outdoor wireless ip cam for use with pets

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    Need Help

    My first venture into using an ip cam while pet sitting was “Zmodo Mini IPC WiFi 720p Camera with 2-way Audio”. It was exactly what I needed for about $30, except I need to find a similar one that can be used outdoors. I also need it to be inexpensive as it will not be permanently mounted as i will move it between several homes.

    It may be sitting on a wooden box on the floor of an outdoor deck. If it is stolen I dont want to be out a lot of money. I’ve looked and looked but am not having any luck and thought I’d ask a bunch of experts for assistance.

    Can you point me in the right direction? I need email alerts and streaming to my phone. I also need night vision and motion activation in addition to needing it to be ok outside and not expensive.

    The perfect one would be what I had, but waterproof.


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