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New Alarm System In Norcal Review (The Alarm Guys)

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    Hi, I had some door to door salesman come to my door an attempt to sell me an alarm, the business card says “The Alarm Guys”… I was kind of sketched out at first because they were door to door salesman, I saw them talking to my neighbor and then they had a crew installing an alarm the next day.

    So I decided to listen to them and it turns out they sell GE Licensed equipment, I ended up getting a TOTAL alarm system including smoke detector, glass shatter sensors, even a monitoring system through alarm.com and i only had to sign up for a $50.00 dollar a month plan. Turns out there are good products out there that are brought to you on a medium other then online purchasing.

    So at the end of my story I am a very happy customer thanks to the alarm guys, if live in Northern California and are approached by this dealer I would at least give them a listen, you may get a great deal like I did!

    Edit: Update: I forgot to tell the installers about my doggy door for the summer months and they came back within 2 days to install the new items necessary to compliment the addition FREE OF CHARGE!!

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    Even though this is not really a question, I am going to be the sucker that attempts an answer or response. Ok, yes, there are indeed some security companies that operate in this fashion and do go door to door. Personally, I can not imagine it would be very efficient, especially these days when a lot of people are so suspicious that they are likely to not even open the door!

    It certainly sounds like this person got a good deal. Then again, I wonder if this post could just be some company shill posing as a customer. The excitement and effervescence in this post reads almost like it was scripted. Not that I am cynical or anything…just my observation.

    Honestly, the 50 bucks a month sounds a little high to me. Although the post does not mention anything about the cost of the installation itself, I would imagine that they had to sign a contract which covers all of this as well. It is probably for either 3 or 5 years. I would also imagine that there are clauses which will not allow the homeowner to move or take the system to another location or to cancel out on the contract without owing some substantial fees. In a situation like this, the alarm company does not make any money until the customer has been around for at least a year or two. This is why they include penalties for early termination.

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    I am not sure about this post. It may just be a company shill trying to game the system by posting a fake review. I suppose it is possible that an alarm company would be going door to door, although I have never ever seen that happen. Why would they have to? If they were, would that make a potential customer more or less inclined to do business with them? Personally, I think I would be turned off by such a scheme, no matter how good of a “deal” I was offered.

    Another thing I would really wonder about is exactly what kind of a system would I be getting. After all, if they are going to everyone in the neighborhood, it stands to reason that they are trying to sell a similar, cookie cutter version to everyone. Especially if the deal offered was a good as the poster said it was.

    The best type of home alarm system is one that is customized to the home itself. Despite what many alarm companies would have you believe, I think that a smart burglar can fool a fair number of alarm systems. Also, just having something that blares a siren is not as threatening or as intimidating as it was 20 years ago. The criminals of today are not going to just run away. They will likely rip the control panel off the wall. I think the bottom line test of any deal is how customized they make it.

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    I have to say, I feel a little violated by this post.  Was this a commercial?  It came across really fake.  I mean, I know that some people do post positive experiences in forums and whatnot, but something about the line, "Turns out there are good products out there that are brought to you on a medium other than online purchasing…," well, that wasn't the only line that was a little weird.  I mean, I hope that Norcal offers a good system and helping door to door salesmen have a warmer welcome is always admirable, but I don't know.  Posts like this weird me out.

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    Gary S.

    I just recently had one of The alarm guys sales reps stop by my house, they gave me a free update, and lowered my bill. I was with monitronics before, not that I was really unhappy with them, but saving money and updating my system at no cost was logical, so I went for it. However I did have a little bump in the road, I ended up having about 4 months left of my contract, I called The Alarm Guys Office to explain, they told me to get the exact amount owed to cancel, did that right away, called them back, they said not a problem we will send that in a check to take care of it. Sure enough they did. This is a good company.

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    Katherine Reed

    It looks like a personal experience, not a question. I think you like the service of that guy. But you didn't mention the cost of the equipment. I would like to know a little more about it.

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    I had two young men arrive at my door offering to check my alarm equipment and give me free updates.

    First, why would I let ANYONE in my house that I haven't arranged to come? I am not about to make it easy for potential thieves to case the joint. Two guys: one to distract me and the other to steal. I don't think so!

    Second, why would I give strangers access to the system that protects my house when I am not there? Perhaps they would disable it, requiring me to 'hire' them to repair it or steal my pass code or find a way round it?

    I didn't even open my door to them and NO ONE else should either. It is simply not worth the risk!

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