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New Home and New Security System

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    Maru Quevedo

    We have moved into a new track home and have a builder installed alarm system. The system was armed, but only to set off the alarm in the home without service monitoring company notification. Is there a way I can DIY to get it to call me or be activated on my IPhone without having to pay the monthly monitoring fee? Do I have to buy a whole new security system? Can someone help me understand what I do next or how to get a DIY service guy for help?

    Thank you for put up a form on this subject.

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    a seeker of security

    Why Have an Alarm System without the Monitoring Service?

    The author of this post is basically asking if they can set up an alarm system that is not connected to any kind of outside monitoring service. The most likely reason for wanting to do something like this is to avoid paying any kind of monthly fee.

    I suppose it would be possible to have such a configuration. Of course, this would not be nearly as good as having a fully monitored system. Then again, it would likely be better than not having anything at all. Especially in this case, since the home already came with the alarm installed. As long as it has a good alarm with a loud siren or some type of noise, it may be effective.

    If a burglar were to enter the home, it is assumed that the alarm would sound and there would be a big noise. Since the criminal does not know that the system is not actually being monitored they would likely be frightened and run out of the house, trying to escape detection as quickly as possible. It is also likely that other neighbors would hear the alarm and contact the authorities, even if you were not in the home.

    For the rest of the answer to the initial question, yes, it is even possible to have the system call your cell phone. You would just simply need to purchase a dialer and connect it to the system.

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    a seeker of security

    In terms of home security, there are a number of options. The specific system will determine the exact level of security and protection. Obviously, having a system with a number of really good detectors and than inside sensors along with a monitored solution will offer the best in terms of both security and protection. However, in this case something is most definitely better than nothing. I suppose that it is possible to just simply put a sign in the window or front lawn advertising the fact that you have a security system. This would indeed be better than nothing, but not by much.

    The next step up is to have a system that actually will sound an alarm if anyone attempts unauthorized entry and has inside motion detectors. This is a good system except for the fact that it is not connected to any monitoring. The main point to realize here is that the burglar does not realize the system is not connected to any monitoring. In fact, that will probably be the last thing on their mind as they are running away from the house in a near panic!

    You can even buy some dialers that will contact you in the case of a break in. Just connect these to your system and then program the numbers you wish them to call. Many of these devices can handle multiple numbers.

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