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Norton vs AVG

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    Lukas Schmeter

    Which is better Norton or AVG?

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    Kimberly Alt

    That’s a tough one. We have them tied for 5th in our antivirus software comparison article. I’ll point out some of the major pros and cons for each.

    Norton Pros

    • Great customer support
    • Well known company name
    • Variety of antivirus services

    Norton Cons

    • Heavy RAM use
    • Expensive ($49.99)

    AVG Pros

    • Employs some of the world’s leading experts in threat detection
    • Cheaper than competitors ($39.99)
    • Free 24/7 support
    • 100% money back guarantee

    AVG Cons

    • Low detection rate for the free version of their software
    • Slow antivirus updates

    Depending on what you specifically want will determine which you choose. If it were my decision I would choose AVG.

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