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    Monica Carlos

    Recently there was a major breach of security at Yahoo. Before Yahoo had what is now known as the Yahoo Contributor Network, it was called Associated Content. Then Yahoo bought it and changed the name, along with a few other things. For instance, if you wanted to log on to one of their platforms, you logged in with your Yahoo information. So your Yahoo email password was the same as the one that you used to get onto the various platforms.

    Sometime last week, someone hacked into the Yahoo network and got the emails and passwords to anyone who used the platform before Yahoo bought it. They posted this list of emails and passwords online. Users are still trying to recover from this breech of privacy. It seems that the hackers have changed PayPal information and also use the email address and passwords to get into various accounts like Twitter and Facebook. So if your Yahoo email and password were the same ones that you used for PayPal, or Twitter and so forth, they were granted access.

    I just wanted to post that in here because I know I was using the same password for a couple of sites and I had to think about what would happen if I got hacked and they actually got the password for everything. The moral of the story is to make sure that you have a different password for all of your sites, especially the banking ones.


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    I was not aware that the Yahoo Contributor Network, or really Associated Content, had been hacked. Fortunately, this was not a platform that I had ever really used, but I could imagine the stress that someone might feel if they felt that their information had been compromised. The author is clearly right that it is a big mistake to use the same passwords for multiple sites.

    Unfortunately, we all seem to have so many online accounts these days that it can be a real challenge to even remember all of our passwords! Even still, sometimes if a hacker just has access to one of our emails they will be able to find out passwords. Just click on the ‘forgot password’ button and pop in the newly discovered email address, and the password will be sent straightaway. It is kind of amazing at how inter connected everything is online.

    There are a couple of solutions. Some places offer free online password storage programs. I can think of RoboForm as a great example of this. Of course, it is still advisable to use a separate email address (one that is used for nothing else) as the access key. Another option, one that I use personally, is to keep a password protected file that lists each website used and the password. It is a bit inconvenient to have to pull this up and find things manually, but much better than having an issue of a hacker getting access to my stuff.

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    For a moment, I wanted to comment before, and then I just clicked away not knowing what to even say.  Since Associated Content merged into Yahoo, things have not changed for the better.  They made it so you have to log in with a Yahoo account, and now I’m bewildered about how to claim or turn in work anymore.  Associated Content accepted work that was good and paid based on whether they could use it.  Yahoo calls for content, but I have no clue how to claim anything or work on anything and if I could figure it out, I have no idea if I'll be paid.  It seems like all of the topics that you can claim are unpaid so why is anyone writing for this company?  On top of all of this, someone accessed our passwords?!  Thank you for posting this. I think people need to be aware and make sure they protect themselves.

    There was nothing but chaos for many of us writers when Yahoo took over AC and I'm hoping this is an end to the madness.

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