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Piper vs Dropcam Pro

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    Morgan Chiu

    Looking for some key differences between Piper and Dropcam Pro. Is there a reason you would want one over the other?

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    Kimberly Alt

    Here are some key features of both. I would say if you are just wanting one device in your entrance room, go with Dropcam. If you’re wanting to to cover more space and have more of a smart home go with Piper.

    Dropcam Pro

    • Night vision (Piper does not)
    • Not as expensive as Piper (Piper can become expensive fairly quickly)
    • Smaller than Piper so easier to conceal
    • 130 degree field view
    • 1 year warranty
    • Motion and audio detection
    • Must be plugged into AC


    • Set up personalized rules (so if you want to be notified when motion is detected you can set a rule – Dropcam does not have this feature)
    • App supports up to 5 different Pipers
    • 180 degree fisheye lens
    • Motion detector, microphone and siren
    • Camera can pan, tilt, and zoom
    • Can connect to z-wave technology
    • Infrared motion sensor up to 30 feet
    • Power – 7.5W AC/DC wall adapter with battery backup (power cord is 8 feet long)
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