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Protection One is not a good alarm service!

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    I had Protection One in Las Vegas until yesterday when my house was broken into and their security service that they farm out to, Veterans Security, didn’t show up to the call until an hour later! I had to mace one of the guys breaking in and I had to call the police! Great security for a 56 year old grandmother with a heart condition…not!

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    One of the curious things that I have noticed about the internet is that happy people do not usually tend to leave comments or reviews. Most of what we see is people who have had poor experiences. I think this is the case with the poster who mentioned she had a break in. I think it is also understood that every company has their occasional faults and failings. This is likely what happened with the last poster.

    Protection One is a well known national security company. In fact, according to most accounts it is one of the best security companies in the country. They are the second largest security company in the country and have a 95.5 percent customer satisfaction rating. This is well ahead of the vast majority of security companies.

    Protection One offers some excellent guarantees to their customers. One of the most interesting to me is the fact that they will pay your homeowner's insurance deductible in the off chance that you do experience a break in. Up to 1,000 dollars. You will also likely receive a discount on your insurance of up to 20 percent just by having a security system. They also offer same day service and a number of really nice extras. This includes a free key chain remote and Life Lock identity theft protection service.

    Of course, you also get all of the normal services. The 24 hour monitoring, keypad, indoor siren and more.

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    Why is it so difficult finding reviews on protection 1? You’ll notice that on their page they  boast  a “95.6%” approval rating. However, on consumer review sites like Yelp, they get horrendous feedback. I’m wondering if there’s any independent sites out there (like this one) that might have an unbiased, authoritative review on protection 1, specifically their home alarm systems?

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    Protection 1 does not use an authorized dealer program (they are one of the largest national home security dealers to not to offer one). This means every protection 1 system is installed by a protection 1 employee. The upside of this approach? The highest BBB rating (A+) in the industry. BBB ratings tend to be backed up by more validated data than a Yelp rating, which can be “forged.” We have, like you, found varied Yelp reviews on them. For example, Protection One in Van Nuys, CA gets 1/5 stars but in Phoenix, AZ they get 4/5 stars. We invite you to read our review on Protection 1 for our take on this company and what it has to offer our readers.

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    Maru Quevedo

    Interesting stuff guys thanks!

    Looks like there’s a Wikipedia page for Protection One that might be useful to read.

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