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Recording Phone Calls

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    Janet Darling

    I have been getting harassing phone calls from someone who just will not go away. I have tried to do everything from being nice, to being rude, to calling the police. If I am nice, then they just take it as a sign that I want to interact with them, when really, I am just trying to avoid being verbally abused by them so I don’t say what I really think. I am also just naturally a peacekeeper, so I try to do everything the nice way and hope that people just get the hint.

    Naturally, when I am rude, they just feed off of it and really get going with the verbal abuse. As soon as I hang up, they just call back. I can’t keep my phone off the hook because I have a child and he might be with his dad at the time or out with a friend. I need for him to be able to contact me if he needs to and there is no way I am letting some creep keep me from being able to be in contact with my son.

    The police were no help. They said I would be better off if they guy was texting me so at least I had something to show them. They insinuated that this was just a simple matter of a disagreement between friends when in reality, I never was friends with this person and have no idea how he even got my number.

    I was thinking about recording our telephone conversations so I don’t have to wait until he does something to hurt me before the police will actually do something about it. But then I heard that it was illegal to do that without his permission and I am afraid if I tell him I am recording he will just find a worse way to harass me. Do you know if recording a conversation is legal or not? I hate to ask the police who aren’t very helpful.

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    Whether or not recording a phone call is illegal or legal will vary according to your state and even your county or city. So, I would suggest that you check with your local authorities. No need to call the police about this, just search online or even call a lawyer in your area. In fact, a lawyer may be able to give you a lot more good advice (and most initial consultations are free, so take advantage of this!).

    It might not be a bad idea to record a call even if it is illegal. At least you would have something physical to point to. Then the next time the person calls, you could point this out to them. Another tactic to take is the next time they call just mention that you are going to record this call and that by them continuing to talk, you take it as their consent to record.

    A simple solution to this problem may be to change your phone number. Just contact the phone company and they should be able to help you with this. Even if it costs a few dollars it would likely be worthwhile. Then just be careful who you give your number to. Perhaps you could simply block their number from calling yours? After they call, hang up and immediately call the phone company. Tell them the last call you received was threatening and you want to block that number from calling you again.

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