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Relocating security system control panel? Will keypads still work?

Home Forums Home Security Security Systems Relocating security system control panel? Will keypads still work?

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    Trisha Ashley

    I have my alarm control panel in one of my closets, mounted on the wall at the far end of the wall.  I would like to move the entire control panel to the other end of the wall because I need to put a bookshelf against the wall and my control panel is in the way.

    There is plenty of length on all of the wires coming into the control panel–I would be moving the panel toward where the wires come from, not away from, so there will be plenty of slack.

    To do this, I will need to temporarily disconnect both the AC and the battery power.  My question is, will my keypads still work correctly after I have disconnected the power and reconnected all of the wires?

    All of the other devices–glass break sensors, door sensors, motion, smoke detectors–seem to be more of passive devices, but my keypads have a little digital screen on them that displays the date and system status.

    So, do these kind of keypads have their own little battery (batteries) in them to keep them temporarily powered, or do they have a flash memory or anything that would hold any necessary data or settings?  Or since everything works now, is it just a matter of the the control panel communicating with the keypads after they are wired back up and everything will work fine?

    I really want to move this control panel but if it’s going to possibly cause my keypads to not work or have to be reprogrammed, or God forbid get a technician to come out, then I will forego it.


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