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Replacing Wired Smoke Detectors

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    Jack Charlie

    The smoke detectors in my home are all wired so that if one goes off, they all go off (these are not monitored by a security company, just noise makers). They are about 15 years old and it is time to replace them. They are all First Alert smoke detectors, but I want to upgrade to a Photoelectric detector from Kiddie. Does anyone know if the current wiring in my house will work with the Kiddie alarms? I would hate to invest $100+ to find out that they can’t ‘talk’ to each other like my current First Alert detectors.

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    Wired smoke detectors generally have three wires (White, Black & Red). The red wire is what interconnects all of the detectors together. You are able to change brands and they will all still work as designed. In fact, I have replaced just one of my three sensors and they still worked, even though there were two different brands. I hope this helps and great decision in going with a Photoelectric detector!

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