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Safemart and Livewatch Security

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    I noticed there was not any mention of SafeMart / LiveWatch. They seemed to have excellent reviews elsewhere, so I’m wondering if the authors of this review also looked at SafeMart? Their monthly fee is about half of the others, and yet they claim to offer features only present in the more expensive monitoring packages from places like ADT and FrontPoint. Does anyone else have experience with them?

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    While SafeMart does offer some of the same products and services as FrontPoint, there are key differences between the two companies. SafeMart charges a much higher upfront expense for the equipment, with generally lower monthly rates. It’s easy to calculate the payback, but when we last conducted a detailed review, FrontPoint charged about $400 less for a basic system. With that kind of disparity in equipment cost, it takes a long time to make it back. This is because FrontPoint provides a significant discount off the initial purchase, and their alarm systems always includes a cellular connection, pre-programming, and all the other components you need for a true plug and play system. With SafeMart, there is little or no discount upfront, and each customer has to be sure to individually add items such as: cellular, easy set up option, extended warranty, and more, just to get to the same apples to apples comparison.

    Another key difference is company alarm licensing, required in many states even for companies selling equipment and services only. FrontPoint is licensed in every state where required (and highlights that on their website), while SafeMart does not appear to be. As an example of state licensing, here is a link to the California Department of Consumer Affairs. You can search the Consumer Affairs Bureau of Security and Investigative Services for any alarm company to see if the alarm company you are considering is licensed in California.

    Many states and local jurisdictions are very strict about licensing. A consumer may be at risk when using a non-licensed alarm company. Risks could range from no police response to an invalid monitoring agreement. SafeMart’s web site contains no mention of licensing that we can find – very troublesome indeed. The same observation applies to alarm permitting: FrontPoint maintains a comprehensive database for permitting requirements across the US and Canada, and assists its customers in this important task by providing all relevant information and even the forms for homeowner permitting. There is no mention of this topic either on the SafeMart site – reinforcing (to us) that they seem to be more of an “equipment warehouse” than a real alarm services provider.

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    It looks like Safemart uses monitoring from Criticom. It also looks like they have added some details on permits.

    Not sure if I should go with Safemart/Criticom or Frontpoint… need to decide soon 🙂

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