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SecureWatch 24 Review

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    I had a perfectly functioning alarm system with Monitronics for the past 10 years and was convinced by a Securewatch consultant to switch to the latest and greatest ADT system. Boy was I foolish! The consultant said the system install would only take 2 hours but it ended up taking 8 days on my home which was already pre-wired.

    Finally, after completing the install I received an unauthorized payment on my credit card by ADT for the monthly service. My contract did not authorize ADT to use my credit card – I only authorized Securewatch to use my card for a “one-time” activation charge. So I called ADT to cancel my service and was told to fax over the cancellation notice which I did (3 times to be exact).

    ADT credited my credit card for the unauthorized payment but Securewatch will not issue my credit for the activation fee. Also Securewatch came to my home yesterday and removed their equipment leaving nothing but wires dangling from the walls. They did not even put my old system back in place. Now Securewatch is trying hold me to a 3-year contract and I don’t even have their system in my home.

    I am awaiting a call back from the manager who OK’ed my cancellation over the phone and then turned around and told customer service I was still under contract. In the meantime, I have Monitronics installing my old system today regardless of what the Securewatch/ADT response is. I advise anyone in the metro-Atlanta area to AVOID Securewatch/ADT consultants.

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    Maru Quevedo

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