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Security Alarm from the Dollar Tree?

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    Keith Jaxson

    Hey folks, I just wanted to post a quick question on here to try and get some feedback from those of you that may have bought and used this product as well. I just found a thing at my local dollar store called Intrud Alert. It is supposed to be like an early warning intruder system. I gather that you stick it on your front door and then whenever someone opens it (as long as the thing is active), it belts out a pretty loud screeching siren like sound. So, anyone ever seen this? Anyone on here has bought and used this? If so, what do you think?

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    Yes, I actually bought one of these things myself. It was more out of curiosity than anything else. Like anything else, just remember that you found this at the dollar store, so it was a very low investment product in the first place. Let me start off by saying that it does work. When the alarm is set to the on position, it will ring whenever the door (or window or whatever other entry point you to choose) is moved. I think it works on some type of magnetism and can sense when the contact or connection between the two pieces is broken.

    To me, I wish the siren would have been a bit louder. Obviously, I was not expecting any big deal type of home security system or alarm, but it would have been nice to have had a bit more of a kick to it. The noise is really the main thing. The intention here is to surprise a would be burglar and scare them off. I am not sure if this product would really do an effective job of that. After all, if the intruder actually took a moment to look at this alarm, they would easily figure it out and simply turn the thing off!

    Another thing to consider is that something not connected to any type of monitoring service is not very helpful in terms of providing any real security. Therefore, I would suggest that someone very interested in getting something that will actually help to keep them and their family safe would consider some type of sensor or detector that can be connected to a monitored solution or service.

    If your expectations are properly set, I still think that this could be a good product. After all, it does do exactly what it promises. There will be a siren sounded when the door is opened. This could be a nice item maybe for a teenagers room or some other internal room in a house or apartment that you want to make sure people do not disturb. The box says that it could even work on cabinets and windows. I kind of like the idea of using it on a window, although I must confess to not having tried this myself. All in all, not a bad product, but have the proper expectations.

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