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    Maru Quevedo

    I have started to become fascinated with the lives of the wealthy.  I am thinking of writing a novel, but I’m not sure yet.  One thing I know is that people love reading about wealthy heros and heroines, so I am definitely thinking that if I go through with it, at least several of my characters are going to be wealthy and beautiful.  You know the drill.  In any event, I know a lot about basic home security and how to secure apartments and single family homes, but what’s the standard routine for real homes that wealthy people own like mansions and such.  I know I can go online and search for security system for the wealthy, but those are just what’s available.  Just because something is available doesn’t mean that real people are actually using it. I think in order for a book to be good, it has to effectively combine reality with fantasy, so any security systems from the Starship Enterprise will quickly make the whole thing go cheesy really fast.  Has anyone worked with real world wealthy people installing security?

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    I have had some clients that were very rich.  I have done some mansions, but nobody in Hollywood or anything like that, you know, no billionaires.  I'm sure that with billionaires, you have to take things to a whole new level and I know it lacks ambition, but I don't even want a client that rich.  It just sounds like way too much hassle.

    Basically, just because a person is wealthy doesn't mean that the security system I install is going to be super expensive or all that different from a system that I would install for a single family home. 

    Basically, a mansion is just a larger home, so the security system I install would cover several different zones, instead of one zone, in order to cover a larger space.  Each module is going to have motion detectors and infrared detectors as well.  One thing that's going to be different when it comes to mansions is that the monitoring must, must, must be up to par.  Just like you have seen on TV since the 70s and 80s.  Mansions need TV like security systems and many wealthy people will hire full or part time security guards to monitor their CCTV systems and keep the place secure.  People that come into the property will have to go through security guards at the entrance etc.  All that stuff from movies is pretty typical.  Mansions are such large pieces of property that you have to try and monitor every inch of it.  In addition, should any problem arise, you have to have the camera footage to use as evidence.

    Wealthy people travel a lot, so the surveillance system is incredibly important.  I also usually install vault doors because these are the strongest doors.  They have an excellent UL rating for burglary and fire and metal rods running through them for strength.

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