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    I am an ADT customer. I was contacted by Security One who stated that they are the recommended provider for Honeywell equipment. The tech came out and explained the services to us. They said we would be locked in at $29/month and the equipment would have a lifetime warranty. Are they legit and should we change from ADT to go with them? Thanks!

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    Looking for Security One reviews? I’ve got one for you. My husband and I signed up for Security One a while back. The initial process was smooth, as was the system setup. However, once the system was installed, we realized that the equipment wasn’t actually working. I got up in the middle of the night to grab a snack, and walked right past the motion sensor. I went back upstairs to check the panel and realized that the system was armed! WTF? Why didn’t the alarm sound?

    The techs on the phone (once they finally answered after 45 minutes) told me that I would need to mess with the sensor with a screw driver. I followed their instructions and appeared to be back up and running. But guess what? During these months of inactivity someone could have broken in and walked right past that motion sensor and we wouldn’t have known the difference. What kind of alarm system is that?

    The next few months were a pain in the butt. The alarm system would make a beeping noise every few seconds, keeping us up at night. The techs couldn’t figure it out, so I asked to talk to a supervisor, who finally came to the conclusion that our system was getting a failed signal and wasn’t receiving service. Are you kidding me?

    Weeks of sleepless lights with no security left me no other choice but to cancel the system. Despite our horrendous experience, SecurityOne still charged our card the contract termination fee.

    So you can probably guess what my answer to your question is by now…

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    I just got a call from GE stating they wanted me to go to Security One and lock me into a $39.99 rate per month but I had to do it this week. These type of pressure sales are not for me and make me wonder why they have to do it.. I said nope not if I have to do it Right NOW, she hung up as soon as I said I cannot make a decision this week.

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