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Security System for A Sorority House

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    Maru Quevedo

    I am the house mom of a sorority and we have a security guard who looks after the house after hours but during the day we do not have any type of security for the house other than the lock. While you must have a key fob to get in, there are still potential ways to enter the house and I’m concerned for the safety of the girls, at all times, but mostly during the time that the security guard is not there. Wondering if there are any other people who have experience installing, using or noticing security systems at other sorority houses. We are gearing up for back to school and want to get something installed soon with out spending a lot of money either. Thanks!

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    Sadie Cornelius

    Aly, that is great that you are looking into security the house for the girls who live there and taking the extra precaution to get a security system in addition to a security guard. I don’t have personal experience or know first-hand any particular houses with a security system or companies that specialize in sorority houses would recommend calling either FrontPoint (888) 268-6273 or ProtectAmerica (888) 255-7812 to get more info and pricing. While the offer a variety of packages, they can do something more custom for you based on the number of windows, doors, size of the house and any other special things like cameras or even automation. Hopefully they can answer any of your questions and get you set up. Hope that helps and good luck!

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