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Should I get identity protection for my child?

Home Forums Personal Security Identity Theft Should I get identity protection for my child?

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    Maru Quevedo

    I have an identity protection service right now that I truly love.  I’m not going to name the company because I’m not a paid spokesperson, lol.  However, they are really good.  I was watching something on TV the other day, I’m not sure the show, but it was talking about how some identity thieves are actually taking the identities of kids.  This was really scary to me.

    I’m very careful with my child’s social security number and everything, but I’m wondering if this is enough.  The last thing I want is for my child to enter into adult life dealing with an identity theft.  Should I put ID theft protection on my child?

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    I think that you ask a really good question that more parents should ask.  However, I just don't think it's affordable for all parents to get ID theft protection that is separate for their kids.  I do know that there are some companies that will protect your child as part of your package, however I don’t' remember the name. I did a free trial with a company like this, and said to myself that I was going to come back and get the service when I had more money, I just haven’t' been able to afford it. 

    It sounds like you're happy with your current service though, so I would hesitate to recommend you switch to another company. 

    If you can afford to get your child covered, then I think this is a good idea.  Even if you're careful with your child's information, you really never know who is working at his or her school and has access to those records.  You also don't know who is working at doctor's offices etc.  You want to believe the best in people, but unfortunately, some of them will disappoint you.  In life you have to hope for the best and plan for the worst, so I think this is a great idea on your part and that you should follow through as soon as possible.

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    It sounds like you have a good plan, but you didn't name it for the readers, so here are some that I like.

    Kid Sure is going to be the easiest option for most parents. I think many identity theft programs give you the ability to monitor and protect your child; many of them do not advertise that they offer it though. KidSure is part of Identity Guard and it is low cost and has all of the basic services that you need. Identity Guard has a basic Silver plan and a Platinum plan. With Identity Guard, you won't be able to have your child covered unless you get their Platinum plan, but that's only $20 a month, no big deal.

    Your plan will cover web monitoring and standard identity monitoring. It also offers something called Responsive Activity Alerts. Basically, these alerts let you know right away if there's an issue on your child's credit report or something that compromises your child's identity. It offers keystroke encryption software, a risk assessment report and other online resources. You get $1 million in identity insurance which is awesome, but at the same time, you really don't ever want to have to use it. It's much better by far to always have your identity safe and intact.

    With the Platinum program, you also get public records monitoring, credit monitoring, address monitoring, a credit reports and many more things. A lot of the things you get with the Platinum package are extra reports and things. Some people might feel that these are unnecessary, but it's best to just think of these things as little bonuses.

    ProtectMyID also has a child protection section as well. I know this because I did their free trial. This was the first time I found out that this type of coverage was available. I did sign my child up and it was really easy to use. Overall, I have to say that the ProtectMYID program was easy to use and I would be willing to go into it paid, but the KidSure  program has my eye too, so I'm not sure which is best. For me, I'm still deciding for myself and my child.

    There is a new company out there called AllClear ID, which is showing promise too. I do like the companies that have specific products that focus on kids’ ID protection over the companies where it's just a segment. It makes me feel like they have a comprehensive plan available.

    AllClearId really seems to address the needs that you would have as a parent trying to protect your child's ID. Their customers tend to feel that the company handles things smoothly and professionally and that they are very trustworthy. They have an added advantage of Investigators that you can contact in the case of a threat to your child's identity and they offer complete identity repair, in addition to their $1 million insurance.

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