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Should I Get Rid of an Antiquated Security System?

Home Forums Home Security Security Systems Should I Get Rid of an Antiquated Security System?

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    Maru Quevedo

    I just purchased a mini-shopping mall and I thought most of the hard part was over.  Now I realize that we should probably change the security on the building.  It’s out of date, but I want to use it if it’s still in good working condition, however, my gut tells me that I should replace it.

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    You just bought a mini-mall– Dream achieved! Getting past the initial excitement of it, though, you realize when you are going through its security measures for insurance purposes (or just to set up your anti-theft system), you realize that it has an out-of-date time-lapse VHS security camera system. What to do?

    Digital Video Recording devices are the modern answer to VHS, and there are many advantages to making the switch. For instance, the system is centralized, as opposed to localized on each camera. The centralized system can be accessed from the internet anywhere and even controlled remotely. Meaning that if you or an employee sees something suspicious on one of the screens, you can move the screen to get a better view. And if you are at home for the night or on vacation, you can still access the security cameras.

    Video tapes are known for their ability to be damaged or destroyed if you are not careful. VHS also requires a lengthy amount of time for copying the tapes to preserve the content, and the content must be stored on bulky plastic tapes. DVR, however, is compact and easily-stored, plus you can copy many videos onto one disc or hard drive for long-term storage. Of course, the process of copying digital information is quick and accurate, as well.

    Analog recordings were made obsolete because digital quality was so much better. And it is a lot easier to magnify an image to see a face or a sweatshirt decal of a burglar on digital, just as it is easier to isolate sounds and voices. Should something happen at your mini-mall, you are sure to catch it in high quality with your digital system. No more sifting through hours and hours of footage trying to find what you are looking for, either: Digital recordings let you go directly to a specific time or event, so there is no wasting time. And no more wasting time recording ‘dead air’, since your DVR can be set to record only when motion and/or specific events are detected.

    The final cost usually comes to around two hundred dollars for equipment, plus additional for monthly service extras if you need them. Standard features include the DVR recording box with DVD-RW, security cameras themselves, DVR monitor, network cables, memory, and streaming. Options above that include motion detection, customized record settings, and configuration options. The cost pays for itself in lower maintenance costs and reduced insurance rates, among other discounts you may qualify for.

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