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SimpliSafe Alarm Reviews

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    Has anyone heard of Simplisafe? They have a DIY system which only comes as cellular. You don’t pay anything for the cellular service. They have a $15.00/month, pay-as-you-go, no-contract monitoring service. It is super easy to install. I am thinking about going with this one.

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    Simpli Safe offers a very toned down, affordable DIY offering. While they have their positives, like with all things in life, you get what you pay for. Here’s some of the SimpliSafe Pros/Cons from our own experience:


    • Low cost, pay-as-you-go (no contract).
    • Easy to setup and use (strong adhesive strips will keep your sensors up for years).
    • Base station separate from keypad, so having a thief smash your keypad won’t disable your system.
    • With the exception of the base station, everything is wireless.


    • Parts feel cheap/ quickly put together.
    • No interactive (alarm.com) options/ Internet or remote monitoring.
    • No home automation, video surveillance, etc.
    • Base station is not cellular – it will need to connect to your local network, which could mean crucial downtime.
    • Customer service is less than stellar.
    • Lack of arming options/ sensor customization (we couldn’t find a way to arm the system properly while still being in the house – ie. you can’t arm/ disarm individual sensors – the system is either armed or it isn’t).
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    I would like to add to the con list:

    • Higher upfront cost – probably ~$200 for a minimum basic system.
    • Cellular network is not GSM – so has a limited footprint and may not serve many areas.
    • Does not have ‘Crash and Smash’ protection available (ie. if a thief trashes your base unit before the alarm signal is sent to the monitoring station, the police will never be notified.)
    • Proprietary equipment – so customers would never be able to change companies, and would have a harder time selling it.
    • Limited equipment offerings – no glassbreak, smoke and heat, freeze, garage door, water, recessed door sensors; also, no cameras, lighting control, or carbon monoxide sensor.
    • Does not offer fire or environmental monitoring.
    • SimpliSafe is not licensed in all states (California, for example).
    • Interactive features appear to be limited, and require an additional $5/mo (so $15/ month pricing do not include any interactive features).
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    Weird because I know a lot of people here in California who use Simplisafe and love it…

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    Morgan Chiu

    I don’t know who you work for, but most of your Con’s contrast to SimpliSafe’s own statement on their website in plain sight and language. As for me, I am a consumer looking for my next security system.

    • SimpliSafe has a cellular base stations (link).
    • Home Mode – If you’re awake or asleep, you can set your system in “home” mode to turn on every Entry Sensor. The system is set to default to your Motion Sensors all being turned off so that you can move around your home without freely. Looking for added flexibility? Simply choose which Motion Sensors you would like to have active and this can be adjusted even in home mode.
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    Richard Zorge

    According to SimpliSafe Web site their system provides:

    • Interactive options and Internet/remote monitoring and control.
    • Cellular link of base station to a monitoring center in addition to internet and/or phone.
    • The system can be arm remotely.
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