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SimpliSafe Complaints

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    Maru Quevedo

    Inspired by you guys, I’ve been doing some of my own home security system research and was leaning towards purchasing a simply safe system (because a friend of mine uses it) until I ran into a slew of complaints. Here they are. I’m curious to know if any of these have been addressed by the company?

    First off, for those looking, Simplisafe is a wireless home security system that is fairly easily installed (I did it myself at a friends house, it’s not difficult). They offer low monthly costs, no annual contract and easy setup. But is it worth it?

    Though Simplisafe is on to something with their design and easy to use system, the product definitely needs some tweaking. Their wireless security systems require a cell phone and a strong connection, so this device may not be a good option for those living in rural areas. The fact that the system relies mostly on that type of service leaves many customers out in the cold and unable to use this type of alarm.

    Some of the Simplisafe complaints I’ve come across are based on:

    • Lack of professionalism in customer service
    • Server connection errors
    • Issues with the alarm
    • Trouble silencing the alarm
    • False alarms

    Below is a summary of some of the more detailed complaints I found on the web by what appear to be real Simplisafe customers.

    • One complaint mentioned the server being down on a frequent basis, resulting in the customer being unable to arm their system. They were also unable to use the cell phone app at this time.
    • Another customer complained of customer service being unavailable during off hours. When their alarm tripped in the middle of the night, they called the number and were told to call back during the next business day. They also had trouble receiving a call back in the same day, which they felt was unacceptable considering their security should be a priority.
    • Another criticism focused on the fact that it was difficult to silence the alarm once it had been triggered. This resulted in unnecessary police calls and other charges. They also complained that the customer service number closes at 5:00 P.M. EST, leaving the customer to rely on e-mail to communicate.
    • One of the Simplisafe complaints was with regards to a sticky keypad on the device. The customer complained of punching in numbers and getting no response from the system. It resulted in the alarm going off; leading the customer to believe it was due to the poor design of the internal components and system. There is also no back light in the keypad screen, which often leads to incorrect numbers being punched.
    • More complaints include false alarms where the police were not notified, resulting in charges by the police, malfunctioning components, and faulty monitoring service.

    Curious to hear from the community: What’s your experience with simply safe security? Should I purchase from this alarm company or not?

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