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Is Simply Safe Security a Company?

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    Justin Doomach

    I keep hearing the phrase simply safe security. Is that a company or just a phrase for how to keep your house safe in a more simple way? I swear, trying to figure out this category is soooo freakin confusing that I would do just about anything to find a simple solution at a good price. Can anyone help?

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    Hi Justin,

    We’d be happy to help. First off, yes, there is a company that is called SimpliSafe Security and they are on a mission to make things simpler for consumers like you in this realm of home security. Basically you buy the system off amazon or directly from them (same price either way) and then you can decide whether you wish to add monitoring, interactive services, etc. for additional monthly costs.

    To make it a little more simple for you across the board, it would likely be helpful to read our terms and definitions article. This was you are armed (pun intended – ha!) to make a more educated decision that is right for you.

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